Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Class Party

This year , 5KG1's class party was held in Kfc which is different from last year , we just held in school . So , this year , we decide to held in Kfc and we gathered and have a lunch there . But , sadly only half of us came over , the rest was not . Maybe they all got something else more important to do . But , the class party was absolutely fun ! Only Hazman and Faiz a.k.a Bedul came over to represent the boys . So , whatever it is I really enjoyed being with you guys . After SPM , there is no more high school and all of the fun momment with you guys I'll keep it safe , I love each one of you , 5KG1 :)

Extras ,

Ps / I didnt get a chance to captured the best momment with you guys :( Maybe next time ,