Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Class Party

This year , 5KG1's class party was held in Kfc which is different from last year , we just held in school . So , this year , we decide to held in Kfc and we gathered and have a lunch there . But , sadly only half of us came over , the rest was not . Maybe they all got something else more important to do . But , the class party was absolutely fun ! Only Hazman and Faiz a.k.a Bedul came over to represent the boys . So , whatever it is I really enjoyed being with you guys . After SPM , there is no more high school and all of the fun momment with you guys I'll keep it safe , I love each one of you , 5KG1 :)

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Ps / I didnt get a chance to captured the best momment with you guys :( Maybe next time ,

Friday, October 1, 2010

I miss playing PS2 with my little brother , :( Adik . ILOVEYOU !
Helo people , today is saturday morning and I seriously didnt know why am I woke up so early today . Usually , I'll woke up in the afternoon , but today I woke up early , tidy up my room , washing ton of clothes and now its time for me to write this post . Pfftt , its weird you know suddenly I become so damn "rajin" Hhaha . Alright , this post is speacially for my gilfriend , Siti Nabila . She didnt came for school yesterday , and of course we didnt meet up and do study group together with Hazman . Yesterday evening , she did called me and I picked up , but Im not in a mood to talk cause I was sleeping , so I asked her to call me at night . But she didnt :(
Nevermind , maybe later I'll ring you baby ! I miss you !! Plus , I got super duper hot gossip to share with you on monday ! :)) Cant wait to see you Bel , xxoo

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Omg , i just can believe that it's been a year already the relationship between me and Hazman . From 15th May 09 till now , our relationship still stands still even though we've been through a lot of hard time . We've shared everything in our relationship . There is like "no secret" between us . And I love in that way . I also love and enjoy being around him . He's like the best and the only one for me . Seriously , I am deeply in love . No matter what people wanna say and talks bad about us behind our back , we seriously dont give a damn shit about it . Its just that , now we really close to SPM so what both of us to do is , no more playing around and gives 100% of attention to studies . We also starting to do study group with Siti Nabila every evening which is , she is one of my close girlfriend . I hope that me and Hazman can get a good result in SPM and for sure can make our parents and family proud of us . I love you deeply H ! xxx

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Here is some picture that we capture as the best momment ever , <3


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Best things happened :)

Helo bloggers ! :)

Yesterday , I really had so much fun ! hehe , it was really fun ! :D I had the best experience today , and I wanna share with you guys . Actually , It should be yesterdays post .. but i feel like kinda lazy plus by that time ainin wants to video call with me .. so , i decide to post this today ..

HAHA , the best things happend yesterday .. Me , Hazman , Aima , Syafiq(their cousins) and th other two of their cousin's friends .. Yeah , we went to Ipoh yesterday with a full of hope to catch a movie together for the 2nd time to watch Twilight Eclipse ! But , all of the tickets are sold out . We made a super last minute plan ! HAHA :D i am so freaking starving that morning .. After we arrived at Jusco , we searched for a delicious meal to NGAPP ! We had a lunch at Mcd , and Syafiq treat us ! HAHA :D great ! nway , thnk you mucho Syafiq .. haha . Then , we were just browsing around .. then me and Aima which is Hazman's sister started to become super crazy ..

haha :D we snap some pic , then play games there .. It was really fun ! :D On our way back to Seri Iskandar , it was raining .. heavily rain .. pftt .. I was like going to pee cause it was so damn cold by that time ! HAHA :D then , after the bus drop us down , we ran and sreaminhg out loud ! HAHAH :D and stopped at Hazman's house to dry up , and hang in there for a while .. :)

Nway , it was a very best experience ever .. and seronok mandi hujan :D haha .. Thanks guys ! <3

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Attention ,

Well , for your infomation ..She's copyying my status .. But why she do that ? I know her very well .. But , helo ! Those writtings are rightfully mine .. Get it ?

Please do respect other people own writting .. and do not steal them and make them as yours .. :)

P/s : for the first time I make this thing , which is I think is so cool ! Well , thnaks to Aina anyway for guiding me to make all this ! :)